Pasta Express is committed to the communities we serve and is pleased to work with various media outlets, sporting teams and community partners in a cooperative effort to benefit both parties.  We make a concerted effort to respond and participate in promotional/sponsorship requests.  To be fair to all parties in considering this request, the following guidelines must be followed when submitting a promotion/sponsorship proposal.

Sporting teams and other community partners request for sponsorship.

  • Proposal must include name, contact address, phone, and contact email address.
  • Requests must be submitted using the form link below.
  • Sponsorship proposal must include background information about event, average attendance number for season/event and sponsorship options along with the promotional dollar values.
  • Pasta Express participates in multiple sporting sponsorships.  These requests will be taken on a first come basis.
Request Sponsorship

Media Outlets request for sponsorship.

  • Requests must be submitted using form link below.
  • Proposal must include station name/broadcast company, station contact, address, phone, fax and station contact email address.
  • Proposal must include the following information:
    • A summary of the promotion and how it will be executed.
    • Dates promotional spots run.
    • End date when prize is awarded.
    • Number of spots and time slots they will run.
    • Any other features your station will provide- i.e. signage, web presence/link, logo on literature, etc.
    • Must include dollar value on each feature the station is offering, as well as a total promotion dollar value.
    • List of other vendors participating/contributing in the promotion (if any).
    • Full contact information for
  • Stations are responsible to inform Pasta Express of winner(s) name(s) as soon as they are chosen.
    • Winner(s) name(s) must be accompanied with station name, promotion name, and originating location
Request Sponsorship

For all requests: Please allow three weeks to process your request. Pasta Express will respond to your request either way, via fax or email.  Requests should be submitted at least six (6) weeks prior to the scheduled promotion run date. Please include complete contact information on proposal.

For any other fundraising events or proposals besides those listed above please contact Pasta Express at