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Thank you for your interest in career opportunities at Pasta Express Italian Kitchen.

We’re always looking for dedicated, fun-loving people to help make our restaurants a success and our customers happy. If you are interested in joining the our team, please use the application below.

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  • By submitting this application I hereby certify that all statements made on this application and attachments thereto are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and, if employed, I understand that any false information in this application and attachment(s) may result in dismissal or rescinding of job offer. I authorize Past Express, Inc to investigate all statements made by me on this application and/or attachments, including, but not limited to, confirmation of previous employment, and references. I expressly authorize (and request of) any and all persons or firms named herein and contacted by Past Express, Inc to disclose fully all information available to such persons which may bear upon consideration by Past Express, Inc of this employment application. A copy of this signed consent may be relied upon by any person so contacted by Past Express, Inc. I hereby consent to any lawful medical, drug and/or alcohol testing which may be requested or required by Past Express, Inc. If accommodation for a disability will be necessary in order for me to complete the application process for the position for which I am applying, I will make such accommodation request in advance to the Director of Human Resources. If I am employed, I agree to comply with all policies, regulations, and rules of Past Express, Inc and applicable local, state, and federal law as currently existing or as may be modified in the future as they apply to my employment, and I specifically consent to the release of employment data including information in this application or contained in my personnel file for purposes of my participation in any employee benefit plans administered by or through Past Express, Inc.